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S Have you grabbed your copy of “The Primal Spark” Blueprint?

I gave a talk recently to a group of men and I told them, If I just used the process to “settle” with the first woman who showed interest in me and stopped working on myself, I would have been single again fairly soon because I wouldn’t have gained the skills or experience to keep things exciting and passionate in a relationship.The more you grow personally, the more attractive you will be to women.And as great as it is to have many beautiful woman desire you at once, the real reward is in the man you become. All I can do in this case, is let him know he can ring the bell and quit the process if he wants to. 1- 3 457503 27 Sep 95 The Joining of Two Unlike Elements is a Mixture 4. 1- 5 457504 18 Oct 95 No Two Things in Nature are Exactly Alike 6. 1-13 457513 3 Jan 96 Drew and the Unstable Element 14. I was lucky that I didn’t “get lucky” early on, what a blessing the struggle was!

Our focus should always be on learning, experience and growth because once it is, you are becoming more attractive in a woman’s eyes.

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As a coach, I can’t care more for his success than he does. He has to really want it for himself and by letting him know that he can ring the bell, I am serving him best as his coach.

The thing is though, the more likely he is to quit means the less likely woman are to find him attractive.

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