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Ntp not updating system time

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This Main VM PDC definately holds the FSMO and is UDP 123 is active when i run w32tm /query /status Im getting VM IC Time Synchronization Provider on both VM DCs, i know this means syncing with the host.When i run w32tm /resync /rediscover I got "did not resync because no time data was available " and an event ID 134 in the logs any ideas on that?

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I recommend not using Microsoft as they are heavily used and can slip out because of this. Then run something like: Check the System Log to see if it is updating.reg add HKLM\SYSTEM\Current Control Set\Services\W32Time\Time Providers\VMICTime Provider /v Enabled /t reg_dword /d 0 You can go to the Home site to find a server closest to you to sync your external time.I recommend not using Microsoft as they are heavily used and can slip out because of this.Below command will set the PDC to look externally but also check the registry settings as defined here to sync externally (you need to do both) MS KB 816042 Run this on PDC Run these 2 commands at any time on any server to see their source and when they last updated, these will be used throughout this exercise to make sure your PDC and other servers are getting time from the right place Don't use ONLY time.or, use one of the *servers. You should be able to set the clock ahead 1min, restart the w32time service and it will update within 30seconds.[less than 5 min time skew is acceptable within an AD domain] As recommended by others, definitely do not have hardware time sync from the host to guest.There are many reasons that a network administrator may want to synchronize the clocks on all Windows computers across the Active Directory domain.

The following steps will demonstrate how to easily accomplish that goal using group policy.

MSDN info You will need to find out what server is the PDC and running FSMO roles.

Make sure the PDC under config in the above registry address is set to NTP for “Type“ and all other servers are NT5DS, this means NTP is the daddy!

This can be done as follows: Now tell W32Time to go search for the best possible time source in the domain hierarchy.

If you want to use an external source for both Domain Controllers you can configure it to do so using the commands @PSaul posted or from here.

Thanks for your help I have finally got it working!