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Imagine, for a moment, that rather than invade a Christian church, Pussy Riot decided to perform their ‘punk prayer’ in a mosque.

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It started off with a simple question: Who's the most famous athlete in the world?It is there, on that holy soil, that worshippers believe they make direct contact with their Creator.To use this space for anything other than worship is wanton desecration.She claimed the ‘excessively harsh’ sentence was ‘not compatible with the European values of law and democracy’.Good to know that European ‘values’ now include blasphemy and sacrilege.And what of Irish singer Sinead O’Connor’s comment that ‘these ladies are showing spiritual leadership in times of great crisis and that is the job of true artists’?

Funny, but I thought the job of a true artist was to shine a light on the sacred and not to ‘do dirt' on it.

Do you really think the politically correct High Command would be so vocal in its praise?

We, in the West, have become so immune to attacks on Christianity, that we can see nothing wrong with a bunch of punks prancing around the sanctuary of an iconic Cathedral.

The old woman agitated at the sight of children running across the altar of our local church, was not overreacting. It is where Christ Himself is made present and, thus, where the promise of our salvation is fulfilled.

I cannot conceive of people using that sacred altar for political purposes.

No, back then it was ‘American tyranny’ they were denouncing.