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Israel dating on coins

However, as time progressed, he became more and more tied to the city of Sodom.

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Isle of Man stamp and coin collecting is the perfect way to discover what makes the Island so special.A group of first grade pupils from Benzion Netanyahu school in the Samaria-area West Bank settlement Barkan recently uncovered an unprecedented archaeological find: a stone-age hunting knife from 10,000 years ago — the earliest evidence of settlement in the region.The school is in its second year of a program that brings the classroom outside all year long in an attempt to physically and spiritually connect the pupils with their Holy Land roots.“We are certain that the students who took part in the excavations are not only learning a love of research and information, but also are being emotionally connected to this land.And there is nothing more important than that,” said Dagan.Earlier, in 2012, an excavation at Tel Motza, a Stone Age site outside Jerusalem which appears to have been one of the largest settlements in the area at that time, uncovered two stone animal figurines, a ram and a buffalo, from 9,000 years ago.

A year later, archaeologists at a site near Haifa discovered obsidian arrowheads and fertility objects, such as a stone phallus and a carved depiction of female genitalia that date from the same period.

Map of the Geography The Sin of the Cities The Mishnah Sexual Nature of Sin Biblical References The Wealth of the Cities of the Plain The Location of the Cities of the Plain Map of Possible Locations Southern Theories Northern Theories One tower was excavated at the west of town, the other at the northeast. It consisted of two flanking towers, and massive stone and timber foundations.

Many claim this is Lot's gate found in Genesis 19:1.

In effect, Abraham had saved the life of Lot, and Lot's family.

Initially, Lot chose not to settle in one of the wealthy cities, but rather in the plain region, searching out the lush pastureland in the surrounding fields.

19:1 Some have taken this phrase to mean that Lot had acquired a position of influence within the city.