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Play count not updating itunes match

If you want to continue using automatic synchronization, another alternative is to create a separate i Tunes library for your other family members and allow them to synchronize their devices with their own i Tunes libraries.The easiest way to do this is to setup i Tunes under another Windows or Mac OS X user account—each account gets its own i Tunes library and preferences.

This does mean that last played times and other related metadata will be updated in your i Tunes library for things like Podcast and i Tunes U episodes, however.You can also setup additional libraries on a single user account simply by holding down the SHIFT key (Windows) or OPT key (Mac) when starting i Tunes.This will prompt you with an option to either create a new library or choose an alternate, existing library.The bad piggies are ruining play time for everyone’s beloved cuties – the Hatchlings.Match your way through over 300 levels and recover the Hatchlings’ toys so they can play again.FEATURES: – Simple, fun, and casual match three gameplay!

– Match 4 or more items and bring out the Angry Birds! – Over 300 fun and challenging levels, and more to come!

It was made by other companies, Rovio only release them Rovio is becoming Candy Crush now. What those other 18 million other match 3 games they made didn’t count?

I have an idea which may save them, but I think it won’t happen at all. They just HAD to make a match 3 with the “Angry Birds” name, didn’t they?

– Visit the Hatchlings to arrange their toys and furniture, or just say hello! First wit Angry Birds Ace Fighter and then, later on, Angry Birds Football (formerly Angry Birds Goal! I wish Rovio could at least release these new games in the US so we don’t miss out on discontinued Angry Birds Games!

– Use cool Boosters to best even the trickiest of levels. @furyslinger200 The US is not suitable to be a soft-launch country, in terms of population.

:(I also have to say that it’s a very big shame that Stella’s franchise has been discontinued.