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Coady is known for her sharp prose – beautiful yet not flowery or even poetic, her razor-sharp witty humour, and being merciless with her characters.

I’m dating a guy at the moment who’s a divorced single father with limited access to his young son. We’ve been together for four months and he told me very quickly (in month one) that he considered me his girlfriend.The nature of his business is that it ebbs and flows and he’s been very busy since we met, so I’ve accepted that we have limited time together, and that if he has any serious free time, he’s going to spend it with his son if he can.I particularly like that last part, by the way, as I wouldn’t want to know him if his son wasn’t a priority in his life.As I wrote in this blog post, his failure to incorporate you into his life has far more to do with everyone else (parents, kids, etc.) than it has to do with YOU. Winner of the 2013 Scotiabank Giller Prize Shortlisted for the 2013 Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize An Best Book ~ 2013 A Globe and Mail Best Book ~ 2013 A book of short fiction is an interesting experience.Lynn Coady has been steadily rising as one of the most prominent literary writers in Canada.

The Nova Scotia-born author has been shortlisted for the Governor General’s Award, two Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize nominations, four Best Book mentions, and two Giller Prize nominations with the win going her way in 2013.

There are several universes and characters that you start to love and then you almost instantly have to abandon them.

I had a severe aversion to short stories when I first began my post-secondary study of English literature well over a decade ago.

Over the years though, I’ve developed a fondness for the genre.

Canada is incredibly fortunate to have such talented writers of short stories – Margaret Laurence, Margaret Atwood, Alistair Mac Leod, Mavis Gallant, and of course Nobel Prize winner Alice Munro.

They desperately want love and stability but feel the pull of parenting responsibility and end up neglecting their love lives. Is it okay that you never go out to dinner on proper dates?