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A r t dating

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Adult dating through Adult Friend Finder saves you time and effort. it doesnt happen overnight Pun KSk8e R678: i kno Pun KSk8e R678: btw why is your buddy icon say “whore”? that’s just a picture of one of my BIGGEST fans psykotik2k: i thought her icon was cute Pun KSk8e R678: oh Pun KSk8e R678: ic Pun KSk8e R678: its kinnda cool though psykotik2k: yeah, she’s really mean though psykotik2k: suzi on CRACK Pun KSk8e R678: im not mean! psykotik2k: that’s her screenname Pun KSk8e R678: thats weird Pun KSk8e R678: can i tell your Sn to one of my friends? 11 psykotik2k: thanks Sassykat3287: teach me how to be cool psykotik2k: wear ties Sassykat3287: okay i mean i bought a studded belt yesterday from pac sun… Sassykat3287: i mean yayyyyyyyyyyyy psykotik2k: you’re almost there Sassykat3287: omg.. Pun KSk8e R678: i guess i wish i was famous just a lil psykotik2k: yeah, you have to work it though. 11 psykotik2k: hey Sassykat3287: ur so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just because you're on the go doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the fun.With Adult Friend Finder mobile you can do all the things you do on your computer right from your smartphone or tablet. I used to get stupid amounts of IMs (RIP AIM) and e-mails from people thinking i was her because i had pictures of her all over my site’s layout at one time. From: [email protected]: Thu, Jul 18 2002 AM EDT just wanted to say whats up and that I really like your music write back David —————————– To: [email protected]: fan From: [email protected]: Fri, Jul 26 2002 AM EDT hey my name is bill i’m 18 years old i jus want to say i think your cute and i like you music —————————– To: [email protected]: re From: Irving Hughes [email protected]: Sun, Aug 4 2002 AM -0700 (PDT) u don’t know me but u are just like me don’t give a shit what the fuck other peoples think ’bout the way i am. Iknow u probaly hear this alot but i’m your #1 fan i tell u . psykotik2k: it gets around —————————– Pun KSk8e R678: hi Pun KSk8e R678: hello? Now the important question: Has she ever been nude?

i’m gonna buy some posters of her off of ebay, frame them and hang them on my wall. And the point of this post: i recently got all her albums on vinyl. Actually i’ve been collecting a lot of vinyls lately, mostly videogame stuff and i recently got the alien sountrack on vinyl (cover artwork is awesome), but Avril’s are the only ones i have of actual music artist people. Remember the time when people thought that i was Avril Lavigne on the internet? —————————– To: [email protected]: yo Avril From: “chelly” [email protected]: Mon, Aug 19 2002 PM -0600 Avril am I actually sending u an e-mail. I saw u I put my hand out with a paper but u didn’t even see me when I was screaming your name out. Cause I don’t really like the other singers besides Sum41 . i have like 13 people IMing me at the same time Snowsurfer700: lol it’s no problem…do they all know ur im n e way?

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Just waiting for her 5th album to drop on vinyl and her eventual 6th one. Anyway I saw that contest that you have , I entered it I hope I win. psykotik2k: oh ok Snowsurfer700: crud…this is seriously Avril Lavigne? psykotik2k: sorry if it takes me a while to respond. A site that i’m actually a member of and still have some download credit on?