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And shavonda dating

Season 15, Episode 17January 4, 2005Landon and MJ are heckled at Mel's favorite tavern.Later, after a night of partying, Landon almost gets into an altercation with Mel's friends. Season 15, Episode 18January 11, 2005Mel learns that she has body lice, which causes the other roomies to laugh---until they become concerned that they might get it, too.

Season 15, Episode 12November 15, 2004Sarah cleans the house; and has a run-in with Landon after he and MJ arrive home at 3 a.m.A few weeks ago I hooked up with a guy I met online; he did not reveal his status on his profile. Would you be at any less risk for acquiring HIV right now if you didn't know? He told me later that, because of this, he assumed that I assumed he was positive - which in fact he was. So what if you had sex with this dude and he didn't tell you his status? Whether you're a man who rejects the term "barebacking" as stigmatizing, dismisses the act and any conversation... Reducing the school dropout rate for girls in Kenya and providing adequate HIV/AIDS and sex education could reduce HIV incidence in the country, experts said recently, IRIN News reports.Elsewhere, Landon is unsure of how to address his feelings for Shavonda.

Season 15, Episode 4September 21, 2004The roommates learn that Sarah battled bulimia.

Conclusions Introduction Why are some gay men still having unprotected anal sex in the age of HIV/AIDS?

A pioneering reality series following young strangers who live together in various locales.

Sarah sets her sights on several British men; Landon asks Shavonda if he can kiss her; and Mel and Sarah try to work out their differences.

Season 15, Episode 21February 1, 2005After the roommates return to Philadelphia from their Fiji vacation, Shavonda calls Shaun and tells him about hooking up with Landon.

Also: MJ and Sarah flirt; and the gang heads out to a gay bar.