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Pay by credit card cam sex london

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I blur most of my face for my security as I do have a personal life and medical career, and I don't want to mix the two, however, I show my eyes to give you an idea of my exotic and delicate features. I cater to men, women, and heterosexual and lesbian couples.I do not cater to TV/TS, or "multiple partner" parties intended for illegal purposes.

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NETWORKING NYMPH-- Your job is to promote my Adult SOCIAL Network by placing my "network banner" and "network link" on your social network pages, in forums and other sites, as well as post informative "press releases" to provided (by me) site lists, describing my networks, shops, sites and blogs.--Marketing Manwhore--Networking Nymph--Word of Mouth Wench--Free Stuff Finding Fucker--Production Pecker Video and Site Editor--Tranny Trash Temptress for Video/Pictorials--Cross-Dressing Cunt for Video/Pictorials--Submissive Slut for Video/Pictorials--Sex Toy Party Sissy for Site Promotions FILL OUT MY APPLICATION FORM MARKETING MANWHORE-- As my Marketing manwhore, you will copy and paste my banner and link codes and place them on Social Networks (Adult Space, Facebok, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), Forums, Blogs, and other sites, as well as provide my links during chat sessions and direct traffic to my sites.You will also post informative "press releases" to provided (by me) site lists, describing my Online Shops and Blogs.You want to show off what a good slut you are and how hot you can be. You are confident in you slut abilities and display it clearly in your mannerisms and in the lime light. You will provide sexy content as an online model on my sites.You will do strip teases, put on makeup, dance in your high heels, play with your lush hair, and jack off. You will make love to the camera, then submit it to me at: Goddess Gypsy [email protected] CUNT FOR VIDEO/PICTORIALS-- You are an EXHIBITIONIST.You will be required for 2 x 10 minute videos and then more another day if you do well. I am going to put you through Delirium Intolerable, before you can even consider the notion of licking my FILTHY, thigh-high STILETTO boots! Don't forget to JOIN my ONLINE SOCIAL NETWORK too, for online fun with other freaks like you, as well as many providers and femme doms, forums and eye-candy that you're NOT EVEN WORTHY OF LOOKING AT!!! Get on your SISSY BOY knees and go MELT over the FREE pictures I have generously allowed you the PRIVILEGE to view, even though you're UNWORTHY! Purchase something for me from my wish lists, you pathetic excuse for a sub!

YOUR MONEY IN MY BRA IS AS CLOSE AS YOU WILL EVER GET TO ME! You will feel right at home with all my PERVERT SHIT, like sex toys, lingerie, DVDs, BONDAGE Accessories and MORE.... I know you're an INCOMPETENT IMBECILE, but try to follow my simple instructions, you HALF WIT! If you cum from my STUNNING PICS, you must pay me BELOW, YOU PERVERTED PIGGY! *********PAY HERE******** IF YOU THINK YOUR MONEY BELONGS TO YOU, **WRONG, SCUMBAG** IT'S MINE! NOW GO TO THE ATM SO I CAN TAKE ALL YOU'VE GOT, PIG!! WISH LISTS ARE BELOW: Topic Wishlist Sephora Wishlist Amazon Gift Card (Send to Gypsy [email protected]) Gift Rocket (Send to Gypsy [email protected]) YOU ARE MY HUMAN ATM AND I WANT YOUR CA$H NOW, BITCH!

You will handle media and place it on Online Communities and in forums also.

You will post my pics and Niteflirt call info as well.

You will then post the media to certain sites I specify, to keep a continuous content feed flowing and drive more traffic to my sites, using a case sensitive password and user name.


You will also have the satisfaction of knowing you're pleasing your greedy mistress. There is a $100 start up fee for serious-minded, independent entrepreneurs! For IN DEPTH information about these positions, e-mail me, Stupid, to begin your SERVITUDE AS MY SLUT! Videos inside include my Shower Domination Scenes, Using and Abusing Slaves and other Mistresses, Panty Teases, Boots, Pretty Painted Feet Worship, Stockings, Sissy Training and LOTS MORE!