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One direction dating preferences

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“No, it’s for her, she wants a birthday party, I just want to be able to hang out with some friends. “Hey, no problem Y/N, but you shouldn’t be helping, I mean, it’s your birthday as well.” He said. “Thanks, I guess birthday girls have to look nice.” You shrugged.

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“It’s easy.” He said as you looked at him curiously. “All you have to do is…” Niall trailed on about how to do the move. Harry and your sister have been together a year, today, yeah they started dating on his birthday. “Y/N, he’s bad news, promise me that you’ll at least rethink this date? “Fine.” You said, trying to convince Harry you‘d listen, when you won’t. “I get it Niall, you’re not good, you’re not bad, but you’ve been there before.” You said. “Well, he’s in a famous boy-band, he’s probably running late…” You said. “I mean, so, he doesn’t, ya know, get the wrong message…” Niall trailed off awkwardly.

“Good talk, but I’ve got a show tomorrow, so, I’ll see you two tomorrow.” Niall said as he quickly kissed you sister.: “Y/N!

I’m just going to say, you’ll find someone better, maybe take slower steps, be friends first. “Oh, okay, I’ve got some homework to do Har, so, can ya know, leave? “Sure thing mate.” Harry said, and with the wave of his hand, he left.: “Y/N?

“He needs to help you, okay, he knows more about James than I.” Your sister said. “Hey, hey, mate, I’m not going to make you feel worse, okay? “He thinks he found her, but he can’t ask her to be his.” Harry said awkwardly.

“You’re giving me a heart attack, with the way you look.

“Hey love, happy birthday.” Liam said to your sister.

“Yeah, he asked me out, we went out, he took me to his place, and well, he tried to, ya know, but we didn’t, ya know.” You sighed heavily. “Yeah, like he’ll still be single in 3 years.” You said in a sarcastic tone.