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Ruined castle dating 1215

ruined castle dating 1215-10

The word castle means a “fortified place” and it was first used to just before the Norman conquest of England in the C11th.

ruined castle dating 1215-8ruined castle dating 1215-7

Built by Elizabeth I, the castle was a ruin until transformed in the C19th to create a lovely Edwardian Home.WARWICK CASTLE is England’s favourite castle once owned by the Earls of Warwick and the home of "Warwick the Kingmaker" - whose large army determined who was king of England.WINDSOR CASTLE is largest inhabited castle in the world and the Queen’s weekend home.So, if you want to see places not on the list below, just let us know.Complete our enquiry form to find out more » Travelling east our first castle is ROCHESTER.Owned by the same family for over 900 years, the main keep is spectacular and gives us a real picture of medieval life.

SUDELEY CASTLE is one of the most influential castles in England.

Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and Katherine Parr have all played a part in the castles history and it was the Royalist base in the Civil War.

LUDLOW CASTLE rests serenely on the edge of the lovely market town of Ludlow.

KENILWORTH CASTLE has been described as the finest surviving semi royal palace of the middle ages.

It has been always been an important site but, it was the Earl of Leicester who was trying to woo Elizabeth I, who created the Tudor Palace.

Set in the North Sea marches, RICHBOROUGH CASTLE is the most symbolic site from Roman Britain and is where all modern roads begin. This huge complex of buildings is regarded as the oldest in England with buildings from all periods of history. Built in 1385 as both a luxurious home and for defence, the exterior is virtually complete.