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Why does windows explorer keep updating itself

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Microsoft hasn’t exactly endeared itself to potentially upgrading users, either.

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I bit the bullet recently and upgraded one of my desktop installations to Windows 10, after having used the Insider Preview on the side.Windows 10 isn’t without its foibles The upgrade to Windows 10 has been smooth for most, but some users will always encounter issues.Whether it's a flashing screen, network connectivity issues, or battery drain, it's time to resolve these problems.. It has advantages, like improved security, but it can also go wrong.But as time has worn on toward the end of the free upgrade period – ending on 29 July 2016 – their tactics have become progressively aggressive and heavy-handed.The latest tactic saw a Get Windows 10 (also technically installed without the knowledge of the user) pop-up appear, advising the user it was time to upgrade, with two options: Upgrade Now, or postpone for one hour before upgrading. Going against their own recommended design guidelines, Microsoft decided that clicking the red X would actually confirm user consent for the upgrade. With the latest in forced-upgrades likely to strike at any time, you’d do well to remove any potential your system has for randomly upgrading to Windows 10One of the big confusions surrounding Windows 10 concerns its licensing and activation.As Redditor zambuka42 found out, Windows 10 will go ahead and download its updates in the background without asking if that is okay.

Zambuka42 is the self-proclaimed “accidental IT guy,” working as an anti-poaching pilot deep in the Central African Republic bush, relying on an extremely expensive satellite Internet connection to track and monitor “rangers under fire from armed, militarized poachers.” The charity he works for, The Chinko Project, exists largely on donations, so you can understand their massive shock upon finding a huge 6 GB update, and a massive bill to accompany it.

I count myself lucky to have not experienced one of these personally, but there have been consistent and ongoing reports of unexpected restarts, followed by an equally unexpected update process.

This was much more an issue in the early days of Windows 10 and we now see most Cumulative Updates downloaded and installed relatively quietly.

A proportion of users upgraded on the day, but a majority took the decision to stay where they were, happy in their well-understood and vastly more stable surroundings.

At first, Microsoft didn’t seem to mind, and only offered mild reminders to grab the free upgrade before it expired.

One of the major, if not the biggest gripe of all are the extremely poorly designed and increasingly malware-esque update messages delivered to users happily existing on Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1.