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They left late last night, arrived at 3 a.m., and slept in the car in a parking garage.

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What we find as an older band on the mainland for instance is that everyone sticks around.I mean the older you get, your crowds stay pretty old and you still have younger kids coming in and checking you out.Yes I agree it’s a little harder but we don’t really care, I mean Avocado treat us really well and get us on these tours which always do really well for our band so we will always come back.Greed, avarice, and the hunger for power is transcendent at the POTUS level. To truly answer my son's inquiry, my summation is that Trump is good for the GOP.He is separating the Shiite Republicans from the Neo-Cons and taking advantage of the bump in the poll numbers even though he's under enemy fire.A reader reports around 7am: “Three hours before opening, the line is already around the building. The good news is there is free food and drink for everyone!

Also, just found out the people next to me in line came all the way from Ohio just for this.

Kyle: Anywhere overseas is I guess you could say a less saturated market; it is similar because the genre of the music and the type of mentality and attitude of the people that comes to shows and what not BUT it is definitely appreciated more overseas than in North America, just because there is so many bands playing all the time and everywhere.

JJ: That is a common view with bands feeling that European fans are more appreciative. Michael: Do you see the UK as a market which may be impossible almost to break into as a hardcore band and feeling like the odd man out, maybe a market that might start to feel that you would need to neglect on a small scale?

JJ: This isn’t your first Never Say Die tour as you played in 2007.

What are your memories of that tour as it had such a great line up with This Is Hell and Cancer Bats. It’s so nice being on this one were we don’t have to headline.

If he can keep himself in a positive light in the media, maintain a cool head, and get an image consultant, he very well could be the one to take on Hillary.