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Chat with strange girls in kitchener

Chat with strange girls in kitchener-55

Registration will begin in the front lobby at p.m. The lobby will also be available for those who wish to meet and greet friends. Following, there will be time to catch up with your fellow Spartans in the old cafeteria. We plan to have the usual area for Beck memorabilia in the cafeteria. If anyone has any news of Carol, or a way of contacting her, I would be very grateful. Sons of France around us, Break the chain that bound us, And TO HELL with Burgundy! a word of remembrance for Dennis Groat, about the loveliest person ever to walk the halls.Gather up those old pictures, programs,uniforms, etc. at gmail dot com I am moving back to the London vicinity after leaving when I was 16, and will try to make it to the 2015 singing auditorium event, even though I hated singing auditoriums (not that they weren't better than Phys Ed), and football, and pretty much everything else about high school. Ralph Pritchard (Lilliman) Class of 1971/72 I cleaned up a bunch of junk that some nasty autobot put into our Guest Book.

13, and finished it another year as never studied as a kid.) It changed a better job down to the Michigan Area.12 July 2016 Roy Foster Class of 1978 I left Beck to do Grade 13 in Woodstock and so I lost touch with many friends and probably missed out on a fantastic year. Email [email protected] June 2016 Pete Kennedy Class of 1969 I am living in the west..... William Tucker, English Teacher extraordinaire, and my Phys Ed teacher and Football coach, Andy Stothart, an amazing man.But am so looking forward to attending a music night ... To have the opportunity to attend a Singing Auditorium some 40 years later is amazing. 5 October 2015 Merv Burgard Class of 1955 Reminder: BECK High School Reunion There will be another SABCI Singing Auditorium on Friday, APRIL 29TH, 2016 in the Beck Auditorium, now the Thames Valley School Board building.And sharing the chit chat with all of you that might be there... Pete 30 March 2016 Al Herron Class of 1981 First time coming across this page. Registration will begin in the front lobby at PM; please bring $5.Father time is speaking louder these days( funny thing..... The front lobby area will be available for those who wish to meet and greet your friends.Would love to hear from anyone who might remember me.

Sadly, I notice a few of my friends have passed away.

But the email address I have doesn't want to work.

Ruth, if you see this please send me your email address. Thanks, Peggy (Aver) Conn [email protected] Hopper here.

SPARTANS, mark APRIL 29TH, 2016 on your calendar and plan on attending partners and guests are most welcome. Tells you something about what we had going there I guess.

Beck Alumni can view the Beck website at: While you are there, update your contact information at the Roll Call page so you can get more by email. A great mix of caring teachers (Fred Langford) and involved students, sports and music. A big hello to the classes of '57 and '58 (my post-grad year) Gary Boug, Gerry Witherden Fingers Fagin Mike Favalaro Dick Prue Gordie and Don Leach and all those beautiful girls. Punch Merv Burgard Class of 1955 The next singing auditorium is fast approaching. Kathryn Class of 1970 *Would have graduated* in 1970 if I hadn't escaped and run off!

Sing in memory of one of our brightest stars, Bridget Blackwell.