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2012 "Die Asporas Project" - Preview Berlin art fair, 2012 "Reise Nach Jerusalem" - Tradition and Taboo, Artists House Jerusalem 2012 "Reise Nach Jerusalem" - Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien, Berlin 2011 "Heimatkunde" - Jüdisches Museum Berlin 2011 "Glass Stars" - Glass Gallery, Berlin 2010 "Divine Connection" - Zeughaus, Augsburg 2010 "Akte/Nudes" - Tammen Gallery, Berlin 2010 "Home Less Home" - Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem 2009 "Cockeye" - Gal-On Art Space, Tel Aviv 2009 "Art of Emergency" - Artneuland Gallery, Berlin 2009 "The Age of a Different Re-action" - Davide Gallo Gallery, Berlin 2008 "Youth Spirit" - The Social Gallery Musrara, Jerusalem 2008 "Snapshot" - The Galleries for Contemporary Art, Ramleh and Ofakim Phd, French architect and sociologist, was born in Paris 1932.

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Koberling an der Udk (Universität der Künste ), Berlin • 2005 Abschluss des Studiums der Malerei an der Ud K, Berlin • 2006 Meisterschülerin bei Prof.2005 Art Factory, Entre l’Albert i jo (Between Albert and I), Action, Barcelona.2004 Galeria Metiers d’Art Sant Roch, Traç d’un sentiment (Stroke of a Feeling), Drawings, Céret, France.2009 Casa Bardin -Culture Institut Juan Gil-Albert, Encontres efímers (Ephemeral encounters), Drawings, Alacant.2009 Galeria Artevistas, Art pride II, Paintings, Barcelona.2004 Centre Cultural Llançà, Jo ara i aquí (I Now and Here), Instalation, Girona. A., Courtauld Institute of Art, London1992 Lincoln-Seligmann Art Prize, Harrow School SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2012 Higher Conciousness, Werkstattgalerie, Berlin, Germany 2010 'Life-Force', Alexia Goethe Gallery 2009 'Demi-Monde', F-ISH Gallery, Hastings 2008 23 Upper Cheyne Row Gallery 2005 ‘Historical Subjects Skull Portraits: Adolph Hitler', Aquarium Gallery, London ‘Love You', Aquarium Gallery, London 2003 ‘British Spies Skull Portraits', Courtauld Institute of Art, London1999 ‘Celebrities Skull Portraits Series', 30 Underwood Street Gallery, London ‘Erection of the Maasai Golgotha', Kenya1998 ‘Super-Models Skull Portraits Series', Victoria & Albert Museum, London 1997 ‘Interconnections', Notting Hill Arts Club, London1996 ‘Atmosphere', The Mark, London1993 ‘Black Circles', Cadogan Gallery, London SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2011 IN BETWEEN, Speicherhallen Hamburg und Werkstattgalerie Berlin, Germany 2008 Gallery Marino, Rome Beijing National Museum (official Olympic Selection of Prints), Beijing Old Harrovian Photographers, Harrow School, London 2007 New Contemporaries, Art Basel, Miami Old Harrovian Artists, Sotheby's, London2006 V Project, Trafalgar Square, London ‘Gothic', Tate Britain, London 2005 ‘Hitler Skull Portrait', Port Elliot Literary Festival, London ‘Religious Subjects Skull Portraits', T1 2 Gallery, London 2004 ‘Pax Britannica', Aquarium Gallery, London ‘Skull Portraits of Jake and Dinos Chapman', Aquarium Gallery, London 2001 ‘What's New from London', Orion Gallery, Ostende ‘Between Heaven & Earth', Museum of Modern Art, Ostende ‘Celebrity Skull Portraits', Museum of Modern Art, Ostende 2000 ‘The Scream', VTO Gallery, London ‘This is the end my friend, the end...', Polstar Art Programme @ Home, London ‘Religious Subjects Skull Portraits', Museum of (Emotions), London1994 ‘Fame Killers', Fete Worse than Death, Hoxton Square, London PARTICIPATIONS 2011 Art Vilnius, presented by Werkstattgalerie, Berlin, Germany 2009 Art and Design Pavilion, presented by Osborne Samuel Gallery, London 2008 Zoo Art Fair, presented by T1 2 Gallery, London 2006 Zoo Art Fair, presented by T1 2 Gallery, London Chicago Art Fair, presented by T1 2 Gallery, London 2005 Zoo Art Fair, presented by T1 2 Gallery, London LECTURES 1999 ‘Erection of the Maasai Golgotha', The Courtauld Institute of Art, London ‘Erection of the Maasai Golgotha', The Royal Geographical Society, London 1995 ‘Liberty: The Value of the Koestler Awards Scheme', Independent Art Space, London PRESS AND PUBLICATIONS 2011 'Unmasking the Identity of Inspiration' Art of England, Harriet Mueller 2010 'Fame.

2002 Centre Civic Can Felipa, Noves Natures (New Natures), Instalation, Barcelona. Death and the Gucci's', Homa Nasab, Art Info 2005 ‘Artist Gets Inside Hitler's Head', Paul Arandt, The Guardian 2004 ‘Xray(t)ed Portraits: The Revealing Art of Alexander de Cadenet', Scott Tillett, Photodistrict News 2003 Alexander de Cadenet, Mike Skinner, Black Book Magazine Alexander de Cadenet, Edward Lucie-Smith, Art Tomorrow 'Spy Unmaksed', Jilly Beattie, Daily Mirror 2000 Alexander de Cadenet, Edward Lucie-Smith, Movements in Art since 1945 Cover/Back Cover, 'Edward Lucie Smith', Fidget Magazine 1999 ‘A Post-Pop Spin on Phrenology...

2009 "The Third Temple" - Rise Berlin Gallery, Berlin 2008 "Forsaken Me?

" - The Jerusalem Artist's House 2004 "Here and Here" - Haifa Museum of Art 2003 "Black Stars" - the Gallery of the Beit Berl College of Art, Tel Aviv Group Exhibitions 2013 "Die Asporas Project" - P8 gallery, Tel aviv, Israel, 2013 "Die Deutsche Natur der Sachen" - Milchhof, Berlin.

Collective Exhibitions 2013 Foresight Art Gallery, Colors from the world, Drawing and paintings, Amman, Jordan.

2012 Galerie C, Menscape – Suite Egger – Drawings, Neuchatel, Switzerland.

2009 Négociations, Galerie Nicolas Silin, Paris, France.