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Hermaphrodite sex ads

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Hermaphrodism refered to having two or more sexual characteristics or biological functions combined.

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The penis speculation reared its head at the Glastonbury festival as Lady Gaga, the provocative pop artist, hopped off a motorbike in a very short skirt revealing a sticky-outty part no one knew she had. A penis is every girl's best accessory if she wants to make a statement.

But long before (and even since) the growing awareness about intersexuality issues, the possibility of someone having both male and female parts has served to illuminate rigid cultural attitudes about expectations for male and female behaviour.

Consider the women who have been accused of being hermaphrodites. She is handsome, rather than conventionally pretty.

"Intersexuality is the last taboo in that line of different genders and different sexualities," notes Elisabeth Engebretsen, a social anthropologist and lecturer at Mc Gill University's Institute for Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies.

The cultural fascination with the idea of intersex may be part of our collective (and slow) adjustment to the eventual acceptance of it.

It could also speak to our fear of "other" - a deep anxiety about how we understand our species.