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In June 2010 at the age of 20, Polunin became the Royal Ballet's youngest ever principal.

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Polunin was shortlisted as the best male dancer for the 2014 National Dance awards in the U. In 2014 Polunin started his collaboration with the famed American photographer and music director David La Chapelle and took part in his new projects including dancing video "Take Me to Church", music by Hozier presented in February 2015.When you love someone – well, it's the essence of life. Everything else is now secondary."The two work together often, which – despite their intoxicating chemistry – he admits isn't always straightforward."When you work with someone so much, you lose that respect," he said."When you know someone so well, your boundaries come down and you find yourself telling them to shut up when you shouldn't.It's not easy, particularly when it's so physical and you're so reliant on each other." Regardless of how much he clearly loves his girlfriend, if he had 24 hours to spend however he wanted, he would choose to pass them alone.Somewhat tragically, he says such occasions come up only once or twice every year or so."Solitude is important," he said.It has been said Polunin's breathtaking performance made ballet go viral, and it did go a long way in bringing the medium to a broader audience than ever before.

It represented a turning point for Polunin, who worked with the artist and photographer David La Chapelle on the project. "But then I worked with David and saw that he chooses to work on what he likes.

That video went viral and people unaware of his existence suddenly got to know of him.

Most recently, he has set up Project Polunin which aims to create new dance and ballet works for both stage and film.

Then there is his idea of collaborating with a big film studio to push dance. It is going to look stunning." "When La Chapelle approached me about this project I really wanted each of these characters to feel magical and somewhat God-like – that would not have been able to happen without each and every one of these crystals," said the show's costume designer Brett Alan Nelson.

The repressed energy that left him feeling so trapped at the Royal Ballet has finally found an outlet outside of self-destruction."We just need to make the whole planet dance," he said. Ballet is so closed – it's not televised and why shouldn't it be? People who can't afford tickets should be able to watch it. "Every step and movement now has so much life beyond the dance, they feel un-human." alongside Judi Dench, Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer."I was so scared I wouldn't be good enough," he said. What if I tried it, failed and my dream was ruined? I like good quality and there is so much laziness in film.

The Gala will feature a raffle draw to win a Mini Cooper 3 door hatchback in British Racing Green.