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Chapter 3 - The Bitch Bus The big bus with the blacked out windows drove steadily through the night, moving it's moaning cargo of fresh meat far from their family and friends.There was actually a small fleet of Bitch Buses to keep the Brethren's whores on the move.

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The Brethren was a biker gang specializing in prostitution and porn. You know, the ones that ran the Serena Beauty Pageant?Jane looked at the pile of fact sheets and gazed adoringly at Bambi. Bambi ground her hips playfully, charming the snake."I should be jealous." Bambi waggled her eyebrows comically. There's plenty of fantasy material here for both of us! Dirty Ernie's pant python sprang up instantly, responding magnificently to the challenge.The Brethren, part of a worldwide affiliation of biker gangs, ran a huge chain of whore houses. Their hard-humping whores were paid in sperm, disease and abuse while the bikers scooped the cash.Madam Beulah looked down the bus at her new bitches.Privately, she thought of herself as Plain Jane the Hopeless Nerd-Girl. "I think an example would be good so that I can get it all clear. Show me how you stored the skinny on the dynamite babes and I'll show you how to suck a girl's clit in a way guaranteed to make her pretty little eyeballs pop! I can get them anytime and the contest is over until next year. "When you're going after the bull dykes, it's a definite survival skill!

Until Bambi The Biker Babe had made her play, the Nerd-Girl's sex life had been largely autoerotic. Nobody had ever given her the 'tell me more' routine before. Could you dial in to, say, that beauty pageant database and show me how it all fits together? " You don't have to have any computer hacking skills if you can tease an insider into getting the info for you. " Jane giggled, got down on her knees and attended her first class in Muff Diving 101.

Would you care to drop by and pick up the products, they come in a Gucci carrying case, along with your thousand dollars cash money?

" Bambi listened briefly to the delighted response.

The sponsor got their advertising, but the contestants didn't get the Tanglefree hair care products or the thousand dollars in cash.

We're staying open late on Thursday evening just to deliver the cash and the products.

"By the way, we've moved our offices." She gave the address of an insurance broker that had thoughtfully put up a sign saying that he would be on vacation for two weeks and referring his customers to his brother's insurance brokerage in the meantime.