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With its laddish line-up and Britpop soundtrack, TFI Friday feels very much like a relic of a different era.But how much have talk shows really moved on since Evans shouted “Wiiiiiiill” for the last time?

It included lengthy discussions of big ideas, regular walk-outs from government MPs and a drunk Oliver Reed demanding kisses. Now, there’s a series we really could do with reviving.Does the new Haringey borough commander have what it takes to heal a community? to Be Bohemian with Victorian Coren Mitchell, BBC i Player It’s rather a shame this was recorded too early to include a section on flying in style, à la Kate Moss, but this erudite history of “painters, poets, pioneers and provocateurs” still includes plenty of lively characters.However, these operators can also be used on various data types, including points and vectors.Almost every programming language has a method for evaluating conditional statements.In 1996 TFI Friday arrived on British television partly in answer to the US late night format of David Letterman and Jay Leno, which had never really caught on in the rest of the world.

Like The Late Show or The Tonight Show, TFI Friday combined chat with musical performance and regular features in questionable taste, such as the self-explanatory ‘Fat Lookalikes’.

Buyers at 4World Drama must have an eye on the action-packed Japanese historical drama Yae no Sakura, which was nominated for an International Emmy last year.

Then there’s Swedish sci-fi Real Humans which also looks good, although C4 may choose to wait until Humans, its much-hyped, English-language re-make is off air, to avoid any awkward comparisons.

There was, he warned, too much celebrity sycophancy, obviously orchestrated chaos and hosts who never let their guests get a word in edgeways — all TFI Friday traditions which have largely continued to this day.

If TV commissioners want to breath new life into an old format, they’ll have to go further back than 1996 for inspiration.

You wouldn’t get away with it today, but these were the years of the Gallagher brothers’ swagger, of Euro ’96 and Cool Britannia, and TFI Friday seemed to reflect and bask in it all.