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Specialized bike dating

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They like some other companies may feel that they have not had enough time to develop a 650b chassis that preforms and handles well.

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The 29rs are getting the love in the press because they are new.. RVD604 ...agreed...however if they stop making a 26 in favour of a 29 then that isnt allowing some people to ride what they like. i tried, it just wasnt for shredding the way i like to. They rest of us are glad that it is growing up into a full fledged Bike website and forum.Its high time company's like Specialized realised that a lot of the riding community still prefer the ride of 26" wheels, I'm its lovely to have 29" wheels, but i personally would do unspeakable things to the carbon EVO and other bikes if they were 26" wheeled. I understand that 29ers are more stable etc but I still love the twitchyness of my 26" and don't see why you would want to loose that. You just have to be more creative rolling over stuff I agree but at the same time, want to be wooed by 29", it just hasn't happened yet. I was about to say that I hate the way companies like specialized are almost completely shunning 26" all together, they're even bringing out a 29" version of the hardrock! Plus coming off a DH bike with 26 inch wheels, xc bikes with the same size wheels feel more natural.Granted they don't seem to pump up the price for these parts at the beggining (point of origianl sale) but you do have to go back to them in a time of crisis for replacements when, say for instance, the shock size on the bike they supplied you doesn't match up with anything else in the market place. It really grinds when you have a little thing like choice taken away from you and It doesn't matter how you dress it up it smacks of a marketing ploy.I had my foot outside the Specialized door until this carbon EVO 29er showed up; damn sexy bike; I keep returning to this page to look at it!At the end of the day does it really matter because honestly that 29er evo looks hot!

having a lot of fun riding my Stumpjumper Carbon 29erno complaints from me, Specialized really got their 29ers dialled right, and they have a playful feel that many other brands 29er were lacking that I testedall I care about is having fun riding dirt, and the Stumpy 29er is a really good bike on the dirt = lets me go quicker (more fun!

Some 29er handle very well, some 26 wheel bikes handle poorly. At the same time I am glad that companies like Kona are not. I have ridden some horrible 29er that, if it was my first experience of 29er, would have turned me off the bigger wheel size for ever!

I love the fact that the bike industry is finally giving people the choices they want, not forcing everyone into one particular size. I have also ridden some awesome 29er that made me question my snobbish attitude towards the big wheels, with the result I sold my Devinci Dixon 150mm all-mtn (26") and bought the Stumpjumper 29er without even test riding the bike - no regrets.

Specialized rarely make mistakes, and the market agrees as 29er is the fastest selling sales category by some margin650 has some great potential for longer travel (140mm ) full suspension bikes, but the majority of the MTB market (not the hardcore Pinkbike readership) is interested in trail riding, specifically hardtails, and the 29er is a fantastic choice for trail riders yeah, the reason all the companies are pushing the 29rs is it's a new platform with a new market.

it's not like they are giving up on 26", it's just a way to sell more bikes and get more people stoked. You did a good job of giving the overall feel of the product launch, and provided enough words and pictures to keep me entertained.

I constantly wonder if the Stumpy EVO is enough bike for me, and maybe it would be if I had two bikes.