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Katy perry dating history

When Katy Perry achieved her breakout moment in 2008 with "I Kissed a Girl" and proceeded to embark on an unstoppable run of smash singles, the pop superstar also became a public figure, and her songs were tied to different romantic partners while her dating life was shoved into the spotlight.

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Fact: Do you know who isn’t a threat to women’s lives? Get off Twitter and fight rigorously for 100% gender equality across the board, the end of all misogyny, sexism, violence against women, female genital mutilation, rape, and the gender pay gap.However, the 30-year-old Santa Barbara native is also not shy in shutting down romance rumors that are completely far off from the truth.Most recently, Perry slammed for using misusing an old quote about her divorce with Russell Brand to suggest that she still had feelings for him. Which one of her alleged past flings were just rumors?In 2013, Ellen De Generes was hilariously captured on camera in the above photo in which she jokingly ogles Katy Perry’s breasts.The photo has been passed around the internet countless times since, and on the occasion of Perry’s birthday last week, Ellen shared it again, tweeting, And the #Not All Men #All Lives Matter pro Harvey Weinstein, anti-feminist trolls came out from under their bridges just to throw a fit about it.We all know that Katy Perry is the queen of power anthems, Twitter, and outrageous outfits (sorry Lady Gaga, but it’s been awhile since you rocked an over-the-top costume.) It’s no wonder that the “Rise” singer is one of the most coveted women in Hollywood and has basically had her pick of boyfriends over the years, and, for the most part, the brunette beauty has picked well.

From gorgeous actors to brooding singers, KP consistently shows that she only has one type: ultra-talented!

the other dating decisions Perry has made in the past.

From musicians to actors, the singer certainly made headlines — be they real or made up by tabloids — with her many romances with some of Hollywood’s hottest bachelors.

" Perry did not get into specifics, but feel free to let your mind run wild.

"That’s very fun—singing in the shower and scrubbing!

Tragically, Lewis died in September 2012 after the 28-year-old fell from a rooftop; his untimely passing reportedly left Perry "devastated." Lewis partially inspired "The One That Got Away," the somber single from "Teenage Dream." (Rumored to date in summer 2013) During one of Perry's off-again periods with John Mayer, rumors flew that she was dating "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson, although they mostly proved to be unfounded.