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It sounds like Sony has problems and should acknowledge it instead of offering ridiculous and outrageous repair fees and discounted televisions. Now, I have the colored scan lines and 3/4 of the screen is covered with noise. It's deplorable that Sony won't do anything about this.

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They wanted to offer me a TV of a discounted price.My TV is Model KDL-52XBR9, was manufactured in October 2009, and was purchased April 2010. All Sony can do for me is give the phone number of a repair shop. yesno9/21/11 I bought this TV from Best Buy in November 2009.After one year and a half, the TV starts showing a shade on 3/4 of the screen when I turn it on.I expected this TV to last a minimum of 5 years, based on the fact that the cheap CRT TVs I've always owned lasted more than 12 years.I will never touch a Sony product again if they don't make this right.And I will join any class action lawsuit that arises from this. yesno10/5/11 We bought our son a Sony Bravia on May 15th of this year from Best Buy. We bought him a 4-year warranty for this beautiful 52-inch TV.

After 4 months, we did not expect this product to break. Because of this repair, my son's 3 small children are without a TV for a week. yesno10/3/11 My Sony TV is not yet two years old but after having the TV on for about an hour, the picture slowly blackouts until the entire screen is black. It's a good thing that I did replace all my TVs with Sony. yesno10/2/11 I have the famous "Bravia problem." Hopefully, some wealthy attorneys who has purchased one of these Bravias will get pissed enough to force a "total recall" of these TVs and make things right.

I will certainly tell people not to purchase Sony products again. ** Ads by Google ILD Teleservices Resolve Transaction Issues Online Open, Track, Resolve Payment Issues Continental One Pass Card Earn Up to 40,000 Bonus Miles-More Than Enough for a Roundtrip Reward! I am waiting for a service (usually about one month) to replace the screen for the third time in a year. It was so widespread that a class-action lawsuit was filed. As a loyal Sony consumer, we were never informed of the issue despite our product registration. yesno9/30/11 We purchased a Sony 52 inches XBR4 just over three years ago at the cost of $3,000.

CHASECredit Best TV Mounts 60% off Wholesale prices save you Money Free Shipping &HDMI cord on orders Here we are, just like everyone else, with a less than perfect picture.

Sony stated that there are no issues with the 52 inches.

Obviously, they have not visited this Consumer Affairs web page!

All they do is read a script off a computer screen explaining why they cannot help. As of today, the product has not been picked up from the warehouse in China. No one knows what will be the estimated delivery date. It's a common problem, after 16 months, horizontal lines appear.