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Dating a married taurus man

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Therefore, each one covers up for the weaknesses of the other.

The Taurus (born in between 21st April to 21st May) and Virgo (born in between 23rd August to 23rd September) are both Earth signs.What are the prerequisites of a perfect relationship?Love, understanding, realization, devotion, and so on.For one, Taurus and Virgo individuals are the most practical people among all zodiac signs.Their practicality often eclipses their emotionality. They perfectly understand each other and form a divine relationship.But at the same time, will strive together for a financial security.❤ The Taurus man is more sensual among the two.

With him, the Virgo woman will be exposed to physical and emotional aspects of a relationship, which she probably was unaware of.

The Taurus man can sometimes turn very stubborn, which can irk the impatient Virgo woman.➡ The Virgo woman should keep her criticizing nature (one of the most distinct Virgo characteristics) in check, and remember that beneath his cool exterior, the Taurus man conceals a very fiery temper.

It is wise to let him be rather than prodding him constantly.

They are very much similar, in terms of temperaments and expectations, and hence, do not need to compromise or make any adjustments.

To give an example from the zodiac signs, it is the relationship between Taurus and Virgo.

Even though I was a psychology student and I thought I understood people pretty well.