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Climatic conditions, in particular air resistance, can affect performances in the 100 m.A strong head wind is very detrimental to performance, while a tail wind can improve performances significantly.

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The World Championships 100 metres has been contested since 1983.The next iteration of the rule, introduced in February 2003, meant that one false start was allowed among the field, but anyone responsible for a subsequent false start was disqualified.This rule led to some sprinters deliberately false-starting to gain a psychological advantage: an individual with a slower reaction time might false-start, forcing the faster starters to wait and be sure of hearing the gun for the subsequent start, thereby losing some of their advantage.For many years a sprinter was disqualified if responsible for two false starts individually.However, this rule allowed some major races to be restarted so many times that the sprinters started to lose focus.In fact, 'on the edge' themes are much more popular than others, as you can see by the 'views' and 'rating' numbers, they are real and have never been edited.

The 100 metres, or 100-metre dash, is a sprint race in track and field competitions.

There is therefore no requirement for the entire body to cross the finish line.

When the placing of the athletes is not obvious, a photo finish is used to distinguish which runner was first to cross the line.

Pacing and running tactics do not play a significant role in the 100 m, as success in the event depends more on pure athletic qualities and technique.

The winner, by IAAF Competition Rules, is determined by the first athlete with his or her torso (not including limbs, head, or neck) over the nearer edge of the finish line.

The current men's world record is 9.58 seconds, set by Jamaica's Usain Bolt in 2009, while the women's world record of 10.49 seconds set by American Florence Griffith-Joyner in 1988 remains unbroken.