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Fast-forward 30 years, and the reality of sex tourism is anything but tender.Today beach resorts in developing countries such as Kuta in Bali, Negril in Jamaica and Boca Chica and Sosua in the Dominican Republic have become Third World pick-up spots for women tourists.

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"You can go as young as you want in Cuba," one woman boasted.The women are called milk bottles by the men - partly because of their ultra-white skin, partly because they are seen as vessels waiting to be filled.Another myth the play explodes is that sex tourism is only perpetrated by white women.Charities such as Amnesty and Unicef have no official policy on female sex tourism, preferring to focus on protecting trafficked women and children.Chris Beddoe, director of Ecpat UK, the children's rights organisation that campaigns against child sex tourism, believes: "If both adult partners are open and honest about what they're getting out of it, that's one thing. No wonder Western women see a Third World holiday as the gateway to casual sex - sometimes in exchange for cash.

But as a new film highlights female sex tourism, Liz Hoggard asks who really pays the price An attractive woman sips a cocktail under a bamboo shade. A handsome young man approaches her and showers her with compliments: she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, he says.

Hustling on the beach is the only way that some young men can feed themselves and their families.

No wonder they choose older women who pay better than younger ones.

For all the talk of romance, the language of sex tourism is pretty basic.

In Jamaica the men are called "beach boys" or "Rastatutes".

In Jamaica, Gupta met many black American women hiring beach boys.