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Fieldwork at South Fiord on Axel Heiberg Island revealed a small network of sills and dykes.The U-Pb ID-TIMS baddeleyite age for diabase from a 50 m thick sill ∼7 km to the dyke’s SW (sample 13-WJA-C028-A2) is 95.41 ± 0.12 Ma (2σ), identical within stated uncertainties.

The two samples are distinct from each other in their Sm-Nd isotopic values suggesting they were derived from separate batches of magma that fed separate eruptive episodes.This new invading people in 568 were the Lombards (otherwise called the Longobards).Paul the Deacon’s History of the Lombards written more than a hundred years after the Siege of Ticinum provides one of the few records of this period: “The city of Ticinum (Pavia) at this time held out bravely, withstanding a siege more than three years, while the army of the Langobards remained close at hand on the western side. 130-90 Ma High Arctic Large Igneous Province (HALIP) greatly influenced the geological evolution of Canada’s Arctic Islands along with formerly adjacent Svalbard (Norway), Franz Josef Land (Russia) and offshore regions such as the Alpha-Mendeleev Ridge.Three subalkaline tholeiitic pulses constitute the HALIP: (1) an initial two pulses at ca.Its importance grew with the extension of the Via Aemilia from Ariminum (Rimini) to the Po River (187 BC), which it crossed at Placentia (Piacenza) and there forked, one branch going to Mediolanum (Milan) and the other to Ticinum, and thence to Laumellum where it divided once more, one branch going to Vercellae - and thence to Eporedia and Augusta Praetoria - and the other to Valentia - and thence to Augusta Taurinorum (Turin).

It was at Pavia in 476 AD that the reign of Romulus Augustulus (r.

Top left: Corso Strada Nuova (Pavia New Avenue), main shopping area in Pavia, Top right: Veduta laterale sel Castello Visconteo (Pavia Visconti Castle), Bottom left: A view of the city's Cathedral from the Piazza della Vittoria (Vittoria Square), Bottom Upper right: Fiume Ticino, Bottom lower right: Ponte Coperto (Coperto Bridge) and Ticino River; Medieval Latin: Papia) is a town and comune of south-western Lombardy, northern Italy, 35 kilometres (22 miles) south of Milan on the lower Ticino river near its confluence with the Po. Pavia is the capital of the fertile province of Pavia, known for agricultural products including wine, rice, cereals, and dairy products.

The city was the capital of the Kingdom of the Lombards from 572 to 774.

The first important Christian figure interred at San Pietro in Ciel d'Oro was the previously mentioned philosopher Boethius, author of the Consolation of Philosophy, who is located in the cathedral’s crypt. Augustine is the early 5th-century Christian writer from Roman North Africa whose works such as On Christian Doctrine revolutionized the way in which the Christian scripture is interpreted and understood.

Liutprand paid a great deal to have the relics removed from Cagliari and brought to Pavia so that they would be out of the reach and safe from the Saracens on Sardinia where St. The bust of the Lombard king would have been etched on the coins as a symbolic gesture so that those who used the coins, mostly Lombard nobles, would understand that king had the ultimate power and control of wealth in the Kingdom of Pavia.

Without his father Romulus Augustulus was powerless.