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O’Meara (Managing Ed.), Evidence-based geriatric nursing protocols for best practice (4th ed., pp 186-199). Delirium and sedation recognition using validated instruments: Reliability of bedside intensive care unit nursing assessments from 2007 to 2010.

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If you wish to tube and have been unable to purchase a ticket online, you can purchase a ticket for any session in the day if available the morning of the day you plan to tube. VALIDITY AND RELIABILITY: Both the CAM and the CAM–ICU have demonstrated sensitivity of 94-100%, specificity of 89-95% and high inter-rater reliability (Wei, Fearing, Eliezer, Sternberg, & Inouye, 2008). Several studies have been done to validate clinical usefulness. MORE ON THE TOPIC: Best practice information on care of older adults: The Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP), Yale University School of Medicine. Useful websites for clinicians including the CAM Training Manual: Confusion Assessment Method Trainin... Delirium in the acute care setting: Characteristics, diagnosis and treatment. Delirium is often unrecognized and undocumented by clinicians.

Early recognition and treatment can improve outcomes.

Delirium is associated with negative consequences including prolonged hospitalization, functional decline, increased use of chemical and physical restraints, prolonged delirium post hospitalization, and increased mortality. Clarifying confusion: The confusion assessment method.

Delirium may also have lasting negative effects including the development of dementia within two years (Ehlenbach et al., 2010) and the need for long term nursing home care (Inouye, 2006). Inouye, S., van Dyck, C., Alessi, C., Balkin, S., Siegal, A.

STRENGTHS AND LIMITATIONS: The CAM can be incorporated into routine assessment and has been translated into several languages.

The CAM was designed and validated to be scored based on observations made during brief but formal cognitive testing, such as brief mental status evaluations.

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