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So then Michael Chang shows up and says “hey Soto I’m going to direct this episode” and the producers show up and say “hey wolfman it’s about time you crawled into the ground and gave up so we’re bringing david slack in for the follow up” and then episode 39 opens up with Robin talking to Cyborg over the phone and they have a fight.

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Episode 38 is another episode written by Marv Wolfman (maybe the producers of the show decided not to let him write the conclusion because they realized he’s more of a hack than their regular writers, I don’t know) and it was directed by Alex Soto, who has so far been responsible for 2.5 episodes that I liked and several that I’ve hated.I almost feel they chose the wrong guy for this, maybe Starfire would’ve been the better choice, but they already had an episode about her changing into weird shit) then it turns out Adonis also became a werewolf and they fight some more I like this episode mostly, tho it’s a little slow paced, it could and should be about 7 minutes shorter.I’m not even really sure what this episode is supposed to be about.If you are not satisfied, we will replace or exchange your products.Brother Blood has a cult of guys (they’re all robots made to look like Cyborg) dressed in purple and a desire to make a new headquarters.Brother Blood attacks the tower, Mas and Menos get split up and yell towards eachother “MAAAAS” “MEEEENOOOOS” and really you’d think they’d use their real names in a moment of distress but I guess these twins are just that used to calling each other by their ridiculous fake names.

Brother Blood says some shit about how Cyborg is the only one to be able to fight his mind control power, which we know is untrue from the last time we saw BB, then Cyborg turns on the security for the tower, which is far better than the security for the original tower, and BB and his bots are evicted from the tower and Cyborg passes out.

So he has parts of his body upgraded into robot parts so that he can be better and mind control I guess?

Why the fuck he doesn’t just have Cyborg pinned to a wall the whole time is beyond me (cyborg is totally pinned to a wall at the start of this if that wasn’t clear), or fuck it that’s not even necessary cause Cyborg actually ran out of battery power in the last episode, he could’ve just taken Cyborg’s body to his fucking headquarters and I don’t know, rewritten his software or some shit, that would’ve worked perfectly in the context of the show.

So Teen Titans East has Bumblebee, Aqualad, Speedy (he’s like Robin but he restricts himself to using a bow and arrow) and Mas y Menos, who I love and who only speak in Spanish and who can run super fast but only if they’re touching each other (but not as fast as Kid Flash can run by himself (he is just plain better than them at everything (except stealing my heart))).

I guess the whole thing is that a positive and a negative will attract to one another so like they only work when they’re together I dunno who cares, they’re twins with twin powers.

There’s all this shit about BB being not a real man cause he’s kind of a weird monster child but Raven tells him he’s a real man because he keeps his weird monsterness to himself.