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Updating itunes 9 02

The basic idea behind Automatic Downloads is that if you choose to download an app on an i Phone, it will also download over on your i Pad, without the user having to go find it again on the App Store.

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Scroll bar not visable and when u try to update podcast settings the window opens but locks up so you cant close it and cant close itunes. This also applies to some rock/pop albums where the artist decided that they wanted the tracks to flow together seamlessly.You can import you CD collection into i Tunes and quickly browse for the tracks that you want to listen.You can also instantly build a Radio station by choosing an artist or song.No sweat, launch i Tunes on the computer, head to the App Store, and get started downloading it to the i OS device remotely.i Tunes is a program that lets you easily play, buy and organize your media — including music, movies, TV shows, and i Tunes Radio.Well, thanks to Apple - now you cant enjoy the album the way that the arist wanted you to.

Im going to roll-back to v10, v11 is a definite step down from earlier verions. There have been MULTIPLE complaints about i Tunes no longer recognizing cd burners and/or software and not being able to import songs any longer. I have to close the stupid thing three times for it to ACTUALLY CLOSE. soo frustrating."Apple's move is a direct blow to their users, who will be deprived of a seamless synchronization experience," Palm spokeswoman Leslie Letts said.

The requirements are generic enough that just about every i Phone/i Pad owner will be able to use this.

Now all you need to do is enable the feature and learn to use it for remote app installations.

All you need is i Tunes on OS X or Windows logged into the same Apple ID as what’s used on the i OS device, and the rest is easier than you’d probably expect.

A quick overview for the unfamiliar: Automatic App Downloads is aimed at simplifying app management for users who own multiple i OS devices.

We’ll point you to a super fast way to reveal and access any single song in OS X or Windows, and also show you where all the music files (and entire i Tunes library) is stored in both Mac OS X and Windows too. You can quickly jump to that folder by hitting Command Shift G and pasting the file path into the Go To Folder window.