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Worst case scenario survival handbook dating pdf

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Know.e Scouting Patrolling & SHELTER & MAKING shelter in Shelter Ops and Shelter Plans Concrete Shelter_Ops_and_Shelter In New Shelter sheltr01sheltr02sheltr03sheltr05sheltr06sheltr07Shortwave1Silencers-Principles & Evaluations R-1896Skinning_And_Dressing_slg101SLG-101Sniper Training & Employment TC 23-14Sniper Training soldiers_handbook_for_individual_operations_and_survival_in_cold_weather_South African Special Special Forces Caching Techniques - TC 31-29Special Forces Caching Techniques TC_31-29_Starting Your Own Wine State-Local-Continuity-Guide(cpg1-10)Stock_Duplicator_-_Successful_Gardening,_Vol._1Summaries of Soviet Civil Defense Research Reports - FEMA RR-27Summ Soviet Civ Supply support civil defense1support civil defense1Survival - 60 Uses of Survival - 100 Ways To Disappear And Live Survival - Cooking - Homemade Recipes For Many Survival - Drying Survival - Emergency Preparedness Survival - First Aid for Survival - Homemade - Traps And Survival - Homemade Massage Oil Survival - Map And Survival - MCRP 3-02F FM 21-76Survival - Plants - Edible and Medicinal Survival - The Seven Major Mistakes in Food Survival - Survival - Wilderness Shelter Survival - Winter Time Survival A Complete Handbook of Nature survival cooking.

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The result is a book that is less of a survival manual and comes off as more of neo-conservative propaganda tool. DOMESTIC ORDERS : USPS First Class Mail : 3 to 5 days to arrive INTERNATIONAL : USPS First Class International: In general, First Class Mail International will take between 10 and 20 days to arrive (10 days for larger cities, 20 days for smaller cities). 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CONTENTS ( WE ACCEPT PAYPAL AND GOOGLE CHECKOUT ): Items Listed in BOLD are folders containing files Emergency Clothing Emergency Feeding Emergency Services Food and Water Masaaki Hatsumi - Togakure Ryu Ninpoh Taijutsu Shelter Smuggling & Caching Supplemental Photos and Diagrams Survival - FM 21-76 Supplemental Photos and Diagrams (Ebook - Martial Arts) 27 Katas Shotokan (Ebook - Martial Arts) Knife Fighting (ebook - pdf) - Military - US Army Survival Manual FM 21-76(ebook - survival) - How To Find Hidden (Ebook - Survival) - How To Make Emergency Gas (Ebook Martial Arts) Aikido - Pressure (ebook Martial-Arts) Ruerngsa, Yod - Muay Thai - The Art of (ebook pdf) US ARMY Map Reading And Land (Ebook) - Field Manual - US Army - FM 1-112 - Attack Helicopter (Ebook) - Field Manual - US Army - FM 8-51 - Combat Stress Control In A Theater Of (Ebook) - Field Manual - US Army - FM 12-43 - Mines And (Ebook) - Field Manual - US Army - FM 21-31 - Topographic (Ebook) - Field Manual - US Army - FM 21-150 - (Ebook) - Field Manual - US Army - TM 9-1005-249-10 - Operator's Manual for M16 and M16A1(Ebook) - Field Manual - US Army - TM 9-1005-317-10 - Operator's Manual For M9 9mm Pistol (EBook) - Martial Arts - Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (e Book) - Nuclear Biological & Chemical Warfare (ebook) - Survival - How To - Dry Food(1)(Ebook) - Survival - Learn How To Hide From Airborne Infared Detection Devices, Snipers (ebook) - Survival - Resistance - A List of Common Political (ebook) - Survival - Resistance - Useful Knowledge if (Ebook) - Survival - Survival (ebook) - US ARMY FM 23-10 Sniper (EBoo K) - US ARMY FM 31-70 Basic Cold Weather (e Book) (Survival) Homemade (e Book) (Survival) Make your own baking (e Book) (Survival) Water purification - Drinking water (Ebook) Paladin Press-US Army Counter Sniper (e Book) Sword Fighting - Principles of Broadsword - 1869 - 48(ebook-txt) How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a (FEMA. 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Survival.) 7_Day_Supply_(survival - text) - How do you Live without (survival - text) - How to make a (survival - text) - Plants - Bamboo-Some Uses and (survival - text) - Plants - (survival - text) - Plants - [Combat Guerrila Survival Skills] Bear went over the mountain, Soviet combat tactics in Afghanistan, 1996[Combat Survival Weapons Improvised] Benson, Ragnar -- Homemade Grenade Launchers (Part 1)[Combat Survival Weapons Improvised] Ebook How To Make A Stun Gun!

“For an operative,” Emerson deadpans, “collecting fingerprints is frequently a postmortem scenario…the operative will go the most direct route: severing the target’s thumb” (Skill #081: Trick Fingerprint Scanning Software).

Similarly, in the event that your homemade Taser doesn’t discharge, you’re still jamming two sharp screws into a person’s body, so “breaking the skin should injure an attacker enough for the operative to gain the upper hand and make a rapid escape.” One hopes this book’s readers will never have cause to apply these deadly skills, but nonetheless they offer a fascinating glimpse into the world of shady intelligence gathering.

Both of these products are sold by personal security firm Escape the Wolf, of which Emerson is a founder and managing partner.

I suppose unforced disclosure is a weakness in the intelligence community, but even the briefest admission of Emerson’s ties to the wares he’s hawking would have sufficed.

As it turns out, fending off the bad guys requires a lot of Mac Gyver-esque creativity—and yes, some of the “deadly” skills in this book are defensive, not offensive, rendering the title a little misleading.