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Updating eris to android 2

updating eris to android 2-64

Eris is a very rapid growing FREE dating application.

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The second way was to overclock the bpll0 source and keep the divider of 2, instead of underclocking it.They run at these frequencies: The way our cpu handles changing frequencies (at least by default) is to select between these 4 sources, and apply a divider of 1 through 16 to it.There are a number of frequencies that the kernel steps through when changing between frequencies, and they're all specified as source/divider conbinations in the acpuclock-arm11.c file in the kernel, but the only ones exported to the cpufreq module (the thing that setcpu uses) are the following (these are the same frequencies you'll see in Set CPU if you select msm7k turbo, aka Hero): If you're particularly math-savvy, you'll realize that there's no way to get any frequencies between 528MHz and 960MHz using this whole "source/divider" method.There are many things that you are going to discover and enhance your experience with eris. I've just spent the last few days bothering to understand the Eris cpu frequency manipulation in the recently released kernel.The kernel will tell you that it's now running at 768, but it will actually still be running at 480, because the "up" field of the 480 entry is invalid and the difference is greater than 256.

The 528 frequency is within 256 of 480, so there was no reason to put a valid entry there.

It's been tried, by myself and others, to clock our cpu at 960MHz..simply doesn't work, sorry guys.

So, someone really bright figured out that you can actually change the configuration of bpll0 itself on the Hero, by writing a multiplier (of the txc0 frequency) to a magic location on the board.

In the overly complicated (and redundant) table of frequencies in the acpuclock-arm11.c source code, there's an AHB frequency field, and an AHB clock divider.

The AHB bus is like the PCI bus on a computer -- it runs wifi, usb, and things like that.

Eris has many options for this such as age, country, distance and gender based filters.