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If you want to avoid being in one of these ‘worst date’ scenarios in your journey to love, we are here to make that journey easier and more enjoyable for our members,” shared Edward Brik, C. Believing that, “It takes two to Twangle”, the innovative online dating platform is the first of its kind to take a two-pronged approach to Internet dating, merging a dynamic and interactive dating services website along with a team of real-life executive dating consultants to help its members find love – all in one place.Soon Twangle will make its innovative dating consultation available to it’s growing membership in March and this contest will unveil the first winner of this fantastic service.

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This is not the start of a bear market, states @Roelof Salomons Salomons… Her research has taken her from China to the Netherlands to the US; find out why she chose to land in Groningen for good:…

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