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Updating java in ubuntu

updating java in ubuntu-89

If the hostnames of your machines are different (e.g.

This tutorial has been tested with the following software versions: From two single-node clusters to a multi-node cluster – We will build a multi-node cluster using two Ubuntu boxes in this tutorial.It is recommended that you use the ‘‘same settings’’ (e.g., installation locations and paths) on both machines, or otherwise you might run into problems later when we will migrate the two machines to the final multi-node cluster setup.Just keep in mind when setting up the single-node clusters that we will later connect and “merge” the two machines, so pick reasonable network settings etc. Now that you have two single-node clusters up and running, we will modify the Hadoop configuration to make one Ubuntu box the “master” (which will also act as a slave) and the other Ubuntu box a “slave”.On the machine in questions the path is for the 64-bit version and I can only assume this is what is causing the issue.I've tried adding the 32-bit path to the Users tab but that doesn't seem to stick.However, the install script still configures the plugin to run within nspluginwrapper, which doesn't work with a 64-bit plugin.

The above will reconfigure the plugin to run without nspluginwrapper.

Note: We will call the designated master machine just the “master“ from now on and the slave-only machine the “slave“.

We will also give the two machines these respective hostnames in their networking setup, most notably in “/etc/hosts“.

The master node will run the “master” daemons for each layer: Name Node for the HDFS storage layer, and Job Tracker for the Map Reduce processing layer.

Both machines will run the “slave” daemons: Data Node for the HDFS layer, and Task Tracker for Map Reduce processing layer.

I apply changes and when I return it has disappeared.