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Eric skarsgard dating

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I looked at Eric, who was still following me with his eyes. “But I`m still in charge.” “Of course you are,” he smiled, his fangs showing just how he felt about my treatment.I pulled his foreskin back, ever so gently, while looking him in the eyes. Then I did it again and his hips started moving, to meet my hand.

Eric didn`t seem to object too much when I gave his other arm the same treatment the first one had had.She claimed, as the thorough fanfic reader she is, that there is one thing that has not been dealt with very much in fanfic, at least not in one-shots: Sookie in charge. I love Sookie in charge and I want to see more of that. Rascalthemutant from the Alexander Skarsgård Library has, again, helped me correct all my mistakes and even shown me the difference between lie and lay (groan) – something I needed to have clarified for this story. “But I figured it must be boring.” Eric sat up too and looked me in the eyes. You could break free anytime you wanted.” “But I wouldn`t do that.” “And I`m not going to tie you up.” “Do you want to do something that involves pain? “I hear that it has become very popular these days. “I feel I want to keep pain for the fights I`m involved in.My mattress moving slightly woke me up and I couldn`t help smiling when I felt someone sniffing my hair. “I missed you,” he said as way of explanation for his late visit. ” “I remember me having to ask you to yield to me more than once.” He was in a playful mood. “Just because I said no when I was staked in Mississippi, doesn`t mean I didn`t want you. “Sex with you can never be boring.” He took my hand. It was just that I figured it must be boring for you always to be in charge. And you do it perfectly,” I added and was rewarded with a kiss. Give you a recess, sort of.” “You want to be in control? ” he asked in a voice that sounded slightly hopeful. In bed I want fun.” “Oh, you want me to tell you jokes and tickle you? Suddenly I was on my back with him over me, his fingers moving up and down my sides so fast I had to scream from laughter.I licked the insides of his thighs and gave him little bites too – and then I moved to his lower stomach.I thought I heard a groan when I surpassed a body part he apparently wanted me to touch, but to be honest, I was too caught up in what I was doing to go back to sucking his fingers or toes.I let it slide and kept sucking and licking, but when he whispered “Please bite me, Sookie,” I sat back again and looked at him. I moved to the end of my bed where I started paying close attention to his feet and legs.

Anyone claiming only female legs could be sexy was dead wrong.

His muscles came from the workout his everyday life gave him. There was so much I didn`t know about Eric Northman.

Not that it really mattered because I knew who he was inside and that was what meant something to me. I`d moved to his chest and was closing in on his nipples, an area I knew he liked me to pay special attention to.

I couldn`t help myself from touching his biceps and triceps as my lips kissed them.

Farming or sword-fighting, the result was mouth-watering either way.

I started getting closer to his most sensitive area and smiled when I noticed movement again.