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Amy poehler and adam scott dating

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I found it so lovely and moving," Scott says of Westfeldt, who has been dating Hamm for more than a decade but is not married.

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You know, Kristen Wiig was sitting next to me so I was just hoping that I would remember my lines.” Of course, shooting a film about couples with kids meant that there would be children on set.On their final day of shooting, the main castwas involved in a tense dinner scene in which Scott’s character and Hamm’s character get into a shouting match.VIDEO: ' Friends With Kids' Star Jon Hamm Explains Injuries From ' Mad Men' Set “I just remember sitting at that table and I just couldn't believe I was sitting there with all those people,” says Scott.“For so many years, I would work four days every six months and just had no idea what was coming next and if I would even be doing this anymore in a couple of years,” says Scott.— with the exception of Ben himself, Bradley Cooper."It's intimacy problems."Stern asked Poehler if she's ever watched lesbian porn, to which she replied, "Yeah.

But that's not really my thing." Regarding her taste, she revealed, "It's not too crazy.

Both toddlers and babies are in the film, and Scott says that while the toddlers were relatively cooperative, the babies “don't know what's going on and they don't want to be there.” In one particularly memorable scene in the film, which never shies away from the ugly down-and-dirty truths of parenting, Scott has to clean up a diarrhea-covered baby, which was not a fun shoot for anyone.

“His mom was right there kind of being very helpful and everything, but I felt like a horrible person for like seven minutes,” says Scott.

star Jon Hamm for 15 years, realized that the script, about two single friends whose married friends disappear from their lives once they have kids, could easily be a reflection of his own friendship with Westfeldt and Hamm. VIDEOS: ' Parks and Recreation' at Paley Fest “I was one of those people in Jon and Jen's life who sort of went off the grid once we had our son,” Scott tells The actor will hit the big screen this month in Westfeldt’s directorial debut about two friends (played by Scott and Westfeldt) who decide to have a baby together without being romantically involved.

They believe they can remain platonic friends and pursue relationships with other people, therefore avoiding the same fate as their married friends who’ve changed from happy lovers to stressed-out parents.

“Her development process is just to do readings and see how it plays and also ask lots of questions of the people who do see the readings to try and make sure everything makes sense to everybody,” he says.