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Jeremiah later teamed up with childhood friend Jimberlain Joseph Quinn, to expand the enterprise.

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James Beauregard Beam (1864–1947) managed the family business before and after Prohibition, rebuilding the distillery in 1933 in Clermont, Kentucky, near his Bardstown home. Beam Distilling Company was founded in 1935 by Harry L. Jeremiah Beam eventually gained full ownership and opened a second distillery near Boston, Kentucky, in 1954.The Beam family has also played a major role in the history of the Heaven Hill Distillery.All of the Master Distillers at Heaven Hill since its founding have been members of the Beam family.Nearly the entire Jim Beam ownership family, including James B.Beam and the most recently deceased owner, Booker Noe II, are buried in Bardstown City Cemetery, Bardstown, KY, just minutes from the offices and distillery.Heaven Hill was founded shortly after the repeal of Prohibition in 1935 by several investors, including a prominent distiller, Joseph L. As the company developed, the five brothers of the Shapira family bought out the other investors.

Joe Beam remained as Master Distiller, along with his youngest son, Harry.

In 1987, Jim Beam purchased National Brands, acquiring brands including Old Crow, Bourbon de Luxe, Old Taylor, Old Grand-Dad, and Sunny Brook.

Old Taylor was subsequently sold to the Sazerac Company.

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The original name was “Old Heavenhill Springs” distillery.