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Satiric poets of the time, such as Juvenal and Martial, depicted the raucous activities of the Jewish peddlers and beggars in their poetry.

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Leo X abolished certain discriminatory levies, did not enforce the wearing of the badges Jews had been forced to put on in the 12th century and also sanctioned the establishment of the Hebrew Printing Press.They were not allowed to study in higher education institutions or become lawyers, pharmacists, painters, politicians, notaries or architects.Jewish doctors were only allowed to treat Jewish patients.More than 4,700 Jews lived in the seven-acre Roman Jewish ghetto that was built in the Travestere section of the city (which still remains a Jewish neighborhood to this day) If any Jews wanted to rent houses or businesses outside the ghetto boundaries, permission was needed from the Cardinal Vicar.Jews could not own any property outside the ghetto.These anti-Jewish laws were similar to those imposed by Nazi Germany on the Jews during World War II.

During the Reformation, talmudic literature as a whole was banned in Rome.

Two synagogues were founded by slaves who had been freed by Augustus (14 C. A number of the oldest Jewish Roman families trace their ancestry in the city to this period. In 212, Caracella granted the Jews the privilege of becoming Roman citizens. E., the Roman Jewish community became firmly established.

A majority of the community were shopkeepers, craftsman and peddlers, but other Jews became poets, physicians and actors.

Unfortunately, none of those synagogues have been preserved.

The Jewish position in Rome began to deteriorate during the reign of Constantine the Great (306-336), who enacted laws limiting the rights of Jews as citizens.

Once Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire, emperors further limited the civil and political rights of the Jews.