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Chanelle hayes dating

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Big Brother 8 was the longest series of Big Brother UK, and the twins were the first to enter on Launch night and second to last to leave on the final night.

Chanelle started a relationship with fellow housemate Ziggy in the house, though they split up and got back together several times during the series.Charley Kazim Uchea (born 30 June 1985) is an unemployed self-styled 'it girl' from Lewisham, southeast London.She is a former lapdancer from Stringfellow's Nightclub (although she was fired twice for her over ostentatious dances) It was revealed that on Day 40 Charley had used the word "nigga", although in contrast to Emily (see below) this was not broadcast on the highlights show.On 21 July 2010 she gave birth to a son Blakely, whose father is Middlesbrough FC footballer Matthew Bates.She also dated Jack Tweed throughout her pregnancy.Chanelle was tested by Big Brother and had the highest IQ in the house, scoring 114.

On Day 61, Chanelle left, but re-entered the house after seeing a psychologist.

She also fronted the cast on How to be Single, and featured in Need for Speed.

Dakota is currently dating Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin.

She re-entered the House on Day 89 as part of a task, however she had to leave minutes later.

On 6 August 2009, Chanelle was rushed to hospital after taking an overdose of pain killers and red wine.

There were 24 housemates in total in the eighth series of Big Brother in the UK where they were observed by television viewers 24 hours a day and each week, one or more housemates were voted to be evicted by the general public until the winner, Brian Belo, was left.