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My mum introduced me to a friend’s son, but it was the most boring date ever.He talked about telegraphic transfers (like I cared!

Frustrated, I posted a dating ad on Craigslist (a classifieds website with a personals section) declaring that I didn’t look or behave like the stereotypical Asian woman. I’m not self-centred; I’m independent; I’m not meek; I know what I want.I’ve never been cheated on, but it does feel sucky to chat with someone only to discover I’ve wasted my time with a potential conman.Personally, I get a kick out of unmasking their deception.He was an expat here, three years younger, intelligent, into art, books and animals, and we shared great banter.For two months, we saw each other twice or thrice a week, going for walks at Ang Mo Kio-Bishan Park, watching movies and meeting for lunch and after work.I didn’t mind taking the initiative to message guys I was interested in, asking about their hobbies or profiles. When guys messaged me, I’d only respond to those who asked about my interests – travelling, reading and cooking.

I usually ignored the ones who started with ‘Hi, you’re really pretty. ’ because they sounded generic and began with too little effort!

We were dating exclusively and it felt like it was going somewhere.

We shared the same relationship goals – we weren’t dating ‘just to have fun’. I texted him a few times, but he never replied, so I got the hint fast.

It’s harder than ever to meet decent guys, thanks to cyber- scammers.

On average, three out of 10 guys who contact me seem suspicious – for example, they’re too eager to share personal details, volunteer many selfies or are always travelling.

My close friends were married with kids; even the singles had formed cliques during the years I’d spent working in Bangkok.