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Windows updating every day

windows updating every day-7

In the last few days, every night when I turn off my PC, there is an update installed (1).In the windows updater, it says that it's an "update for windows 7 for x64-systems" (translated word for word from german). This could be because of your "Windows Update" settings.

Anyone who's read most of my work knows I've disliked many of Microsoft's moves, but this one is a good one. Because year after year it's been shown that most users can't be trusted to keep their systems up to date.If it is configured to run frequently (daily), then the available updates downloaded in the temp location and will get installed when you shutting down your machine.Configure the "Windows Update" settings as per your convenient time window and ensure your other processes not delayed because of frequent updates.Dev Ops has become an inescapable word in technology circles recently with many firms wanting to reap the benefits of bringing developers and operations together.This conference will bring senior IT decision-makers to discuss the latest strategies for Dev Ops implementation.The tech should just work for them."She's not the only one in that boat. That said, automatic updates aren't a perfect solution. Unlike Chrome OS, where there's only a few dozen systems, there are thousands of different PC models.

Historically, there have been way too many Windows patches over the years that break working systems.

The Internet needs a warning sign that reads, "You must be at least this smart to use the net." Well, we'll never get that, but Microsoft has made one good step in that direction.

With Windows 10 Home, Microsoft is implementing automatic patching.

This, in turn, means you're going to get any new features, fixes, drivers and security updates via Windows Update on Microsoft's schedule.

The only choice you'll get is whether you want to apply the new code right now or later. In all fairness, the problem isn't just security-stupid Windows users.

Some Windows users find the operating system overwhelming.