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Best dating sites for truckers

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……together with kids, in-laws, the neighbors, football buddies or friends, DOES NOT count.

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We created an online profile for each of the top dating websites and spent over 30 hours comparing each site’s matching capabilities, search features and messaging tools.Talk about the things you do for each other and for your family, too. You may soon find yourself kicking stones down the road, and alone. Keep your other half in mind too, when you make these choices, not just yourself. Having contact with your other half daily, reaffirms the relationship. Guys…it is NOT sissy, or stupid or unmanly to tell your significant other how you feel about them. A trucking job presents a unique set of challenges.After all, these are things you do for one another out of love. Always a simple and great happy relationship tip for any couple: tell your other half often, they are the most important person in your life…… It’s an opportunity to chat, even if only briefly about little things, the days events or just to hear their voice. It’s not an impossible task, but trucker relationships do require lots of work and constant attention to keep the love alive and keep it going for a life time.The 2 hours per day quota certainly goes out the window if you’re a long haul trucker, and the 15 hour per week rule is a challenge too.Strive for this goal even though it isn’t always possible Plan for dates with each other.Be warned, however: many of these ladies posing as lonely travelers will expect payment for sexual services rendered.

They also expect you to have your own car, seemingly too proud for intimacy behind Bob’s Big Boy. Never Trust A Trucker Whose Profile Doesn’t Have A Picture With A Dog You can tell a lot about a man from his Tinder profile.

BBQ some dinner or get take-out and just enjoy each other’s company. For the stay at home spouse, find things to do that you genuinely enjoy doing, to occupy your spare time.

Get a chance to talk and stay ‘tuned’ to each other. Making a special appointment or date with your spouse is very healthy for a relationship. Try to avoid constantly stressing and worrying about what your trucker is doing 24/7. For the truckers who have spare time on their hands when on the road, there’s plenty of leisure activities: watching some tv, reading, call home etc.

You simply can’t get romantically involved with a man who doesn’t put that pet picture front and center when looking for anonymous truck stop sex from someone who routinely urinates in a mayonnaise jar during the work day. While tempting, I strongly recommend you never swipe right on a townie.

While some will appear for your date, not reeking from the sweat of a 300 mile drive, virtually none of them will be willing to have sex with you behind a Bob’s Big Boy. The Hot Chicks At The Sunglass Hut Aren’t On Tinder Any experienced traveler knows that the belle of the ball (of the truck stop) are the beautiful young women of the Sunglass Hut.

It’s also a fact that the stay-at-home partner is often stuck with lots of mundane, repetitive chores: kids and their issues, pets, household maintenance, paying bills, maybe full or part time jobs, everyday issues. If there’s that all important trust element, there’s the greatest chance for trucker relationships to survive and make the whole thing work. Success doesn’t come easy in trucker relationships.