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Alexis bledel is dating

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that he has "a couple" but that they're "personal." He says that whenever he plays a character who also has tattoos, even if the directors suggest just showing his real ones, he insists that the production covers up the tattoos and puts on fake new ones that the character would have.He either has deep convictions about separating his identity and role as an actor, or he's hiding some embarrassing lower back ink — just throwing this out there, but perhaps depicting dolphins and/or calligraphy?

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He explained, "I was either gonna be an actor, a naval aviator, or a pediatric surgeon. I wanted to help kids, I wanted to fly jets, or I wanted to just be an actor." So how did he decide which of these (very, very, very) different paths to pursue?But there's also a major mystery woven throughout the series: how did the family's patriarch, Jack, die?Ventimiglia plays the character in flashbacks, but by the end of the first season, there still weren't clear answers about his death.Now, season two is offering a few answers — SPOILER ALERT!the character seems to have died in a house fire — but there are still tons of unanswered questions about the circumstances.era (well, the first one in the mid-2000s), co-stars Ventimiglia and Bledel started a romantic relationship after meeting on set.

They ended up dating for three-and-a-half years, and it got pretty serious.

Ventimiglia didn't attend another audition until he was 16, and didn't start his career in earnest until after he graduated from an acting conservatory and landed an agent. He says it was a cool opportunity to watch Will Smith, who was already a movie star, do his work.

He also recounted "freaking out" with his roommate about having one line on the show.

After the pair's first child was born, Milano thought the name suited the little bub and "would be a lovely homage to Milo Ventimiglia" for helping her family get together.

that he attended an open casting call with 2,000 other kids.

'" From there, Ventimiglia had a real conversation with the producers, and then, after doing his audition, he says, "I think they just saw something different than someone who had practiced the words.