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Advanced reservations required for groups of fifteen or more.

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, students tour a rare 1884 steam engine cotton gin with all its original equipment, a plantation church, barn, overseer's cottage, cooking cabin, slave quarters, washhouse/sewing cabin, and plantation store.318-757-2453 or 318-757-3333 [email protected] tour compares and contrasts a working cotton plantation from 1790 through today. To commemorate the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War, Frogmore Plantation is offering a special tour - a concise but complete history of the Civil War on plantations, including causes beginning with our constitution, conflicts between Confederates and Unionists, economics and politics that fueled the fires, and effects on slaves and owners.Visitors experience slave culture, sharecropping, & modern technology. This tour does not discuss battle strategy, but does include the Union army regime and takeover of the Natchez District.My husband and I own and operate the only 1,800 acre working historical and modern cotton plantation in the South with 19 restored historical buildings that date from 1790 to 1900.Dependent on grade levels, students experience the life of an antebellum slave, the uncertainty of a free sharecropper, and the high-tech mechanization of a working plantation today including botanical information about cotton.I am a former teacher and have created a fun, educational field trip and can adjust it to various age levels. ) Along with all of the hands-on learning of history, we strive to meet the needs of the GLE (Grade Level Expectation) requirements for each grade level, such as identifying geographical features & natural resources, comparing cultural traditions, and explaining causes and effects of migrations to the Deep South.

Frogmore Plantation has the most comprehensive southern history tour available.

Students participate while learning African rhythms and understand how those cultural songs merged with protestant hymns to give birth to American Gospel Music.

They learn the hidden meanings within the lyrics and the importance that music played in the work structure and social lives of the people on plantations.

After arrival to the music museum, your are greeted by the director who gives you a guided tour while relating intimate stories about Jerry Lee Lewis, Mickey Gilley, Aaron Neville, Conway Twitty, Fats Domino and other Delta musicians featured in the museum. Tour Duration: 2 hrs 30 minutes $12.75 per person plus vocalist fees. Next stop is the Delta Music Museum to see how and why music interplayed daily in the lives of the slaves and sharecroppers.

Call 318-757-3333 or email [email protected] details The Delta Music Tour with slave wedding re-enactment During the musical presentation at Frogmore, costumed bride and groom re-enact a slave wedding, and visitors become guests at a wedding from the archives and then parade "cakewalk style" to the plantation store. Then see how that earlier music transformed into rhythm & blues and rock 'n' roll.

For details on group tours and special international rates contact Lynette or Buddy Tanner, owners at 318-757-2453 or by email.