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Ochocinco dating show

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"NFL superstar Chad Ochocinco is known for his eccentric personality and wacky on-field antics. But of course, he's not going to do it like any ordinary person.

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Divided into two teams of eight, the women must compete against their teammates to be the last one standing. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say, but we do get to see each other and it’s been way more intimate and way more real since the show because you don’t have all these other women getting in the way. But just like with anybody, when you hear a rumor you just ask like, “Hey what’s going on? He said Evelyn’s a friend of his, they didn’t have anything and they’re friends. If someone tells you something, you just have to believe them. Rubi might be in for some bumps in this relationship as one of the show’s contestants, Heather, gave an interview to Bossip, during which she claimed Chad was still trying to hook up with her after eliminating her on the show. Even while we were on the show a lot of girls were saying he was with her. It wasn’t a huge shock to me when I heard that it was out there in the media. But we definitely have the potential to be able to get there.Oddly enough, a look at the 17 finalists show only 3 black women.A former reality show starlet, who caught Chad (Ochocinco) Johnson’s affections on the NFLer's 2010 VH1 series, was cuffed Sunday after she stabbed her boyfriend in the chest, police say.There was a minor scandal involving Chad and his choice of women that hit the blogs as filming began on the show last month.

A contestant on the show and someone working in production alleged that Chad did not want any African American women on his show, and that he wanted “all the black girls to be “cut”, except for 1.”Chad allegedly wanted to keep the Latina and brunette White girls because he believed they are “better” for him.

As this second half of the Tournament kicks off, Chad takes his girls on a mountain retreat to step back from the celebrity flash and show them the realer side of Chad Johnson.

He opens his heart and reveals his past to find out which girls are ready to warm up and which are giving him the cold shoulder.

The producers had to Chad into keeping two black women as part of his final 17.

Chad did deny the claims, stating that “certain girls” were mad they got sent home and that he’s colorblind.

Rubi Pazmino, 32, who scorched 84 other women in winning “Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch,” has since split with Johnson and stabbed her new beau in the chest with a knife after the two got into a domestic spat, police told the Daily News.