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As of 2010, these films still had not been released.One of them, Journey to Hidalou was reviewed for compliance with Islamic law by Javad Shamaqdari, Iran's deputy culture minister for film.

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In an interview with the Guardian UK, she said, "I watched the film after I heard about the fuss from colleagues and the girl in it is not me.This is the central premise of this beautiful, gripping drama from Majid Majidi.When the middle aged Youssef, a blind university professor, is given the chance to undergo major eye surgery in France, he finds his prayers answered...Actors : Parviz Parastui ( پرویز پرستویی‎ ), Roya Teymourian ( رویا تیموریان‎ ), Afarin Obeisi ( آفرین عبیسی - صغري عبيسی ), Sharareh Dolat Abadi ( شراره دولت آبادی ), Melika Aslani, Mahmoud Behraznia, Leila Otadi ( لیلا اوتادی ), Dawlat Asadi, Melika Eslafi, Ahmad Gavaheri, Fouad Nahas A group of young online community members roam the city of Tehran, looking for a good time.What starts as a prank unfolds into a complicated situation as they become entangled in blackmail.If the actress (or another woman) were to have been charged and convicted, the punishment could have been severe.

A woman found guilty of having sex outside marriage can face a penalty of up to 99 lashes with a leather strap.

To become law, the bill still required the approval of Iran's Guardian Council.

In 2009, news outlets began reporting the arrest of suspects under this law, so presumably it has been approved.

The man who admitted to his role in the tape is an assistant film producer who was engaged to an Iranian soap opera actress at the time, whom he claimed is the woman in the tape.

Neither of the suspects were named by the Islamic Republic News Agency, the state-run news agency in Tehran.

After Iranian investigators requested he be arrested, He was reported to have claimed that he and the woman in the film were temporarily married at the time. While Ebrahimi was banned from appearing in films or on television, no formal charges were ever filed against her.