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Obama lady gaga intimidating

Though her best creative years are behind her, Cyndi Lauper is an accomplished artist, who still maintains her popularity.

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A blatant example of this year’s bias was the participation of an anti-Semitic group in the Dyke March on Saturday, which was hard to miss, but still was ignored by all major media outlets in Toronto.I also cover the participants, not just the homosexual activists, but also the numerous institutions that scramble to show to the world that they are gayer than the gays (and their lack of judgment sometimes looks scary).A trademark position in the “pride parade” is its Grand Marshall and there were several of them this year.Ironically, when real issues were promoted, there was not much interest.Now, when the parade looks more like a circus show, it attracts corporations willing to add a few bucks to their bottom line by telling the world how tolerant they are; politicians pandering for votes (or joining out of fear that the militant homosexuals are going to blackmail them), and numerous government institutions ordered to follow the current agenda.Spreading lies about “Israeli apartheid” in the only country in the Middle East, where the homosexual rights are guaranteed, is reprehensible enough, but by helping that propaganda the organizers pour fuel in the Muslim terrorist fire that targets the Jews all over the world.

There were times when serious journalism was an honoured profession helping people to find the truth.

The media still maintains the illusion that the parade is the ultimate fun event that we must admire or else…

We must accept as an absolute truth the claim that last year’s parade attracted 2 million people from outside Toronto – I wonder if the organizers know what is going to happen if the population of a large city suddenly doubles for a week.

and a hell of a lot of hard work," said Jacobs, who is 48.

He added, "I believe we all know and feel the greatest reward is the process itself." Other highlights: -Kanye West, saying he was a huge fan, handed the international design prize to Phoebe Philo of Celine.

– For not the first time, Lady Gaga is canceling a tour and heading home to heal up: Citing "severe pain that has materially impacted her ability to perform live," Gaga's team says she "made the tough decision to immediately come off the road." That eliminates the last 10 Europe dates on her Joanne World Tour, notes Gaga had last fall delayed the European section of the tour over lingering health issues; the 31-year-old suffers fibromyalgia.