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This ought to be horribly distracting, but by and large, television audiences have learned to manage.It is so ingrained into our mindset that almost all aversions end up being notable.

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In season two, the new main character Jack was 16, and actor Kerr Smith was 26.Ultimately realize that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with this trope; all forms of entertainment are about the illusion. At the same time this is not about age discrepancies, just being three or four years older doesn't necessarily mean the production is "trying to pull a fast one" on the audience.If anything finding a 19 year old to play a 17 year old is well ahead of the curve.The more you know about these facets of your care, the healthier you—and your community—can be. cities where patients, providers and hospitals are getting healthcare right.That’s why Healthgrades is proud to introduce the National Health Index. See also Artistic Age for an intentional drawn equivalent.

Cross-Dressing Voices is more-or-less the animated version of this trope, as partially explained above. In "How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way," "Drawing Comics in the Style of Detective Comics Comics," "Aping Shit the Valiant Way," and every other drawing tutorial I've been a part of, it clearly says that every line you draw on a person's face adds to their age.

Very specific actors can pull it off, usually attributing it to the character being Older Than They Look.

In other cases, some stories work with this because a key plot point may be the character does not actually look their age and are trying to pass off as older than they really are.

Compare Age Lift, Age-Inappropriate Dress, and Three-Month-Old Newborn.

Contrast Hollywood Old, Playing Gertrude, Underage Casting, and Children Voicing Children.

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