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"After being told that he has to resign, Dr Kuldeep Singh Panwar sent a message to the deputy director (law), informing him that he has taken leave.

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Dr Singh had earlier told Mirror that the allegations against him were baseless and he would approach court if the university took action against him.The inquiry report was submitted to vice chancellor Dr Vijay Khole last week and the action announced on Tuesday.There are serious allegations against both, said university officials.However, the wife of the accused suspected that he was having an affair and checked his mobile phone earlier this month.When she found the sex tape, she allegedly circulated it to some people known to the complainant, including the complainant’s brother-in-law, in a bid to defame her.After completion of all technical procedures, action has been initiated against them," Manuja stressed.

Vice chancellor Khole also confirmed action against the duo through the registrar.

Records of residents at a major non-governmental organization providing rescue, shelter and care of minor girls and of women held against their will in brothels in Mumbai were systematically reviewed (The majority of victims (51.9%) were trafficked as minors and by individuals previously known to them (59.7%).

Traffickers most commonly lured victims via promises of economic opportunity (55.0%) or kidnapped individuals via use of drugs or force (26.3%).

Last week, the complainant’s brother-in-law called her to his house and showed her the video.

On learning that her lover’s wife had circulated the clip, the complainant approached the Bandra police station.

The Bandra police on Monday arrested a 40-year-old man and is searching for his wife in an alleged voyeurism case where the man shot a sex tape of a woman with whom he was having an affair.