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Torrey devitto dating shane

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He also tells her that Silas killed Jeremy, but that it will all be worth it now that Silas is back.Caroline and Stefan discuss the “Jeremy situation” downstairs while Elena sits vigil with him upstairs.

She says she’s holding out hope and that there’s absolutely no way that her brother is dead.Previously, on The Vampire Diaries: The group found out there was only one dose of the cure to be had, and the race was on to find it.Jeremy and Bonnie found Silas and the cure only to be tricked by Katherine who awakened Silas, took the cure and ran.During Wesley’s junior year in High School he was cast as Max Nickerson in the soap opera Guiding Light. In April 2011, they secretly exchanged the vows in the private ceremony in New York, U. In July 2013, it was reported that they had filed for divorce after two years of marriage and they finally divorced each other. He lives about nine months when he is shooting The Vampire Diaries in Atlanta, Georgia and also has a spectular home in Los Angeles.As he was having problem in his acting schedule he was transferred from Marlboro high School to Lakewood Prep School in Howell New Jersey. But currently he is searching for a home in New York.Damon brings Rebekah up to date on the whole Katherine situation and tells her to help him find Bonnie.

And oh yeah, Silas is awake and roaming about the island too – fun!

Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) is at the Gilbert home when Elena and Stefan walk in with Jeremy’s body.

They bring his body upstairs and Elena sits to wait with Jeremy until he wakes up.

She tried to give him her blood, but it was too late.

Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) and Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) figure out that Katherine was following them the whole time, and that now she’s gone with the cure for vampirism.

Wesley attended Christian Brothers Academy in Lincroft, New Jersey and Marlboro High School. He enrolled in Rutgers University but left after one semester with his parents’ support when more roles were offered to him and he realized he could make a career out of acting. In 2007, Wesley met actress Torrey De Vitto in the sets of Killer Movie in which they acted together and then they started dating each other. Wesley supports two charities namely Elton John Aids Foundation and The Humane Society.