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Transmen dating straight women

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It’s not a huge jump, and I’m both unsurprised and broken-hearted to see it happening.

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The authors of Employment Discrimination Against Bisexuals: An Empirical Study (and the whole thing can be downloaded from the William & Mary Journal of Women and the Law), describe it as “the first published quantitative study to focus comprehensively on bisexuals’ experiences with employment discrimination.” They surveyed bisexual individuals and found that although they experienced significant levels of employment discrimination, very few of them had sought any kind of relief, and none had sought relief in the court.But – hey, we all make mistakes…) On the other hand is the bisexual side of the debate, arguing to the contrary.I will say that I find these arguments to be nothing but a pile of apologetics, and so I’m going to be relatively brief with it, as they only matter to me here as background to the real core of the discussion: It often feels to me as if bisexuality is never really about our own sexual identity(ies), i.e. whether I should identify as bisexual, pansexual, queer, etc.) is expected to be determined according to other people’s gender identity.I find this entire debate to be incredibly suspicious: if transphobia is truly the matter at hand, then why focus on bisexuality alone?If it’s words we’re concerned with, shouldn’t we first want to address the hetero-homo dichotomy – a far more prevalent and a far more oppressive binary structure?It provides some food for thought about the importance of understanding the severity of the impact that perceptions of bisexuality can have on individuals.

Before I write – a disclaimer: this post contains criticism of the non-bisexual-identified transgender community and discourse.

It appears increasingly acceptable of late, in transgender/genderqueer communities and activist discourses, to portray bisexuality as a binary identity, and thus intrinsically transphobic.

As the claim classically goes – since the word “bisexuality” has “bi” (literally: two) in it, then it is inherently gender-binary, pointing to only two genders/sexes as its sources of reference – thus erasing non-binary sexes and genders out of existence.

From hereon and until the 90’s, bisexuality and bisexual people fade away from sight and historical attention, and this, despite the fact that gay and lesbian people are mentioned in abundance (both favourably and unfavourably).

Just to make this really clear – bisexual people are being erased in the book even from where they were undoubtedly present – demonstrations, the Stonewall rebellion, pride marches, the gay liberation movement, etc.

Please be aware that I am writing this criticism not as an outsider, but as a genderqueer person involved in transgender community, and activism.